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"A proper administration of its community of owners will provide greater legal certainty, an equitable distribution of workloads between owners, reducing incidents, mediation between owners and especially decreases inhibition in the office of president, since the professional manager assumes the most onerous tasks allowing the president release stress that these will involve. From Binifinques want to help you managing your community and contribute to its improvement through a comprehensive service based on professionalism, effectiveness and transparency ".


  • Constitution of the Community and drafting of statutes.
  • Convocation and meeting attendance. Composing and sending acts.
  • Executions of the resolutions adopted at meeting.
  • Preparation of periodic settlements and statement of account.
  • Managing payments to suppliers and supplies.
  • Control of maintaining of the common parts of the building.
  • Bill collection and debt control.
  • Legal claim of unpaid bills.
  • Request OF subsidies at Government Agencies.
  • representation AT government agencies.
  • Adjustment Data Protection Act (LOPD).